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Ecotex College Branding

Ecotex College Branding
The Technical College of Economics and Technology
Ha Noi
Services provided
Logo design, Brand identity design, Website develop

Identity design for the College of Economics, Technology and Technology (Ecotex)

Total project

The Technical College of Economics and Technology- Ecotex College under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs. With porcelain: Construction and development College of Economics, Technical and Technology into a synchronous, modern school, according to national standards and meeting international training standards, implementing multi-level and multi-level training. industry and inter-connected training, ensuring sufficient capacity to meet the training and human resource development needs of the country and the region. The field trains 2 main disciplines: Economics and Engineering with training systems from short-term, Elementary, Intermediate and College, connecting domestic and foreign universities.

iBrand’s solution

With the goal of building a modern professional school identity, capable of competing with other colleges and universities, creating a friendly and impressive building for students and partners. iBrand quickly researched logo design, built a different sync signal. Stylized logo image 5-pointed star symbolizing light, golden house, unity. The clever combination of the cake symbol representing technology and the typical purple color of the financial sector has created the overall logo of innovation, continuous development and international integration.



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