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SP travel branding

SP travel brand identity design

SP travel brand identity design

Project overview

South Pacific Tourism Joint Stock Company – SP Travel is a leading international travel company in Vietnam officially put into operation in 2002. With more than 20 years of experience and a young, dynamic staff , enthusiastically trained and worked in a professional tourism environment, SP travel is proud to meet all the travel needs of domestic and international guests.

iBrand’s solution

Through the process of exchanging and meeting directly with customers, iBrand has understood the concerns and difficulties of the brand when using the old logo. The iBrand design team quickly embarked on research and came up with a solution for a more modern and professional new logo that represents the true reach of a major brand in the tourism industry in Vietnam.

The SP travel logo is designed in the form of stylized pictogram typography. The emphasis on the word SP, the image of the aircraft cleverly designed moving forward, is not only a symbolic image of the tourism industry but also conveys ambitious dreams about the future, the desire to fly high, fly away. The overall logo is simple to remember and is feasible when expressed on different materials.


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