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6minutes fashion

6minutes fashion branding design
Providing high-end fashion products
Ha Noi
Services provided
Brand image strategy consulting, Logo design, Brand identity design

Project overview:

With the Mission: “Helping Women become Beautiful, Confident and have a strong lifestyle”, open to the world, 6minutes is a CASUAL FASHION brand dedicated to Women aged 30 – 40 years old. 6minutes designs style, creates a Private Label image for all women, especially successful women. Society develops strongly, living needs are raised. Developing a Brand for women who love modern, changing beauty to create their own identity is a strong pervasive need. IBRAND has accompanied 6minutes to design a professional and sophisticated identity to create a strong brand for this fashion house.


Sticking to the demand of 6minutes, IBRAND has come up with a solution to design the entire brand image for 6minutes uniformly. Thanks to a striking and impressive new brand image, 6minutes is a fashion brand that is loved by many people in the market today.


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