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Academy of cryptography techniques

Academy of cryptography techniques logo design
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Academy of cryptography techniques logo design

Project overview

Cryptographic Institute of Technology is a public university under the Government Cipher Department, established on February 17, 1995, with the function of training staff with undergraduate, postgraduate and scientific research degrees. cryptographic techniques of Vietnam’s cipher industry. The Academy was also selected by the Vietnamese government as one of eight key institutions for training Vietnamese information security personnel under the Project on training and developing human resources for information safety and security by 2025.

iBrand’s solution

With many years of experience working with state agencies and public educational institutions, iBrand quickly grasps the requirements of customers and offers appropriate design solutions. On the idea of ​​a traditional, continuation, friendly, simple and flexible symbol, impressive images and colors that are easy to remember, the Academy’s Logo is created by a combination of letters and symbols. , create a reasonable distance and proportion, intertwine according to a certain logic to form a tight, unified and strong logo layout.


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