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CKT Capital Branding

Brand identity design for CKT Capital Branding
CKT Capital Branding
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Brand identity design for CKT Capital Branding


The word CKT means: Captital Knowledge Technology. The word CKT is associated with Capital to emphasize the company’s vision of developing and increasing capital based on knowledge and technology.

Color meaning according to the logo:

❖ Green: Symbolizing resources, capital is invested in the field of not only growth and economic efficiency, but also have the meaning of contributing to the prosperity and goodness of society, environmentally friendly. Green symbolizes life, harmony, balance, freshness.

❖ Circular shape with a golden background symbolizing the earth, for orbit, company development but always in orbit in accordance with the vision, mission, core values and strategies outlined. Always perform within the circle of competence and only invest, do what really understands.


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