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FUNFACE is a pioneer in the field of personalized mini figurines in Vietnam.
Funface JSC
Personalized mini figurines
Ha Noi
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Project overview

FUNFACE is a pioneer in the field of personalized mini figurines in Vietnam.

Understanding the desire to assert self-worth, FUNFACE has researched and developed products bearing the “Personal” imprint.

FUNFACE wants to deeply engrave each customer through the slogan “I am ME” / “I am me” with the message “each of us is a unique and irreplaceable version. FUNFACE’s mission is to help you keep the best version of yourself.”

FUNFACE statue products are made from high-grade ABS plastic imported directly from Japan and finished with Spanish Vallejo paint. These are materials that are highly durable and especially non-toxic. Therefore, FUNFACE is committed to providing customers with the best quality personalized products.

With professional craftsmanship, inspired by the art of sculpture and painting, FUNFACE artisans have truly lived in the spirit of careful and sublimated crafting of tradition.

iBrand’s solution

Inheriting the values ​​of the old logo, iBrand refines and redesigns the stylized icon in accordance with the spirit that the product aims to bring joy and interesting experience to the customers that Funface serves. . Along with that, the development of the application identity signal from the brand identity to the website also brings synchronization and consistency in building the Funface image in the eyes of customers.



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