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Jogarbola Fashion Logo

Jogarbola brand identity design
Dong luc group
Men's and women's sportswear
Ha Noi
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Strategy Consulting, Brand Naming, Logo Design, Brand Identity Design, Packaging Design, Publication Design,..

Project Overview:

Jogarbola is a sports brand from Japan used by the Vietnam Youth Union, Thanh Hoa Club, Hai Phong Club, and Quang Nam Club.Genuine products distributed by Motivation Joint Stock Company (Motivation Group)

Jogarbola has always played to its strengths for branding; with the goal of striving to become a leading brand in the field of sports fashion business, expanding to international markets. ICORLOR has accompanied Jogarbola to design a professional and sophisticated identity to create a strong brand for this fashion house.

Services ICOLOR provides:

  • Brand logo design
  • Jogarbola brand identity design
  • Product brand identity design


The logo is designed in a modern style, taking its main concept from the name of Jogarbola. With a simple but equally impressive font, Jogarbola’s logo is attractive and attracts all eyes. The logo uses red as the main color, which symbolizes enthusiasm and power through which to convey Jogarbola’s message, with the goal of bringing comfort and satisfaction to customers when using products of this fashion house.


Jogarbola’s brand identity is widely used on all applications from packaging, labels, bags, containers to brochures, warranty cards. With professional identity and quality products, Jogarbola is becoming a much-loved fashion brand in the market today.


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