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Design of KingKang Commercial Service Complex Brand Identity
KingKang Trading Service Complex
Providing entertainment, culinary, beauty services
Ha Noi
Services provided
Brand name composition, Logo design, Brand identity design, Logo exclusive protection registration

Design of KingKang Commercial Service Complex Brand Identity

Project overview

The brand is located in D’EL DORADO TAN HOANG MINH building – with a prime location and extremely luxurious neoclassical European architectural design. Therefore, customers want to build a multi-service, unique and different brand, where everyone from students, students to successful businessmen can experience food, entertainment, beautify.

iBrand’s solution

Grasping the market and segment that customers are targeting, iBrand quickly embarked on brand building from creating brand names, registering for brand protection to designing a brand identity system. The identity set is designed with a modern, eye-catching blue color, carrying the meaning of extremely strong beginning and development.


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