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Spa Mychang's brand identity design
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Spa Mychang’s brand identity design


Mychang’s spa offers a variety of beauty services, serving the different needs of each woman. With high quality and very affordable prices, Mychang’s soon became a reliable place to take care of the muses. Mychang’s Spa also owns a soft, feminine and different space from the majority of luxurious royal-style spas on the market. From the green space filled with flowers on the walls, to the wooden furniture with vintage motifs, the gentle lights off and the aroma of essential oils that are always gentle and loving, every detail of Mychang’s is taken care of. A little proportion and a lot of enthusiasm. Mychang’s always hopes that any customer who steps into Mychang’s will feel the closeness and familiarity like returning to their own home after a long tiring day…


About the logo, the Logo is designed with the concept from the image of a stylized girl’s face with perfect facial curves, representing the beauty of a woman and also representing the brand identity of the Spa. . Next to the logo is the brand name using a creative, soft font that makes an impression on customers compared to other rival spas. After finalizing the logo part, iBrand continued to develop a solution to design the entire brand identity for Mychang’s from business cards, letterheads, envelopes, invoice templates and other media publications. All create a uniform and impressive brand image, enhancing the brand of customers.


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