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Real Estate Project Supermarket System (STDA)

Real Estate Project Supermarket System (STDA) Logo Design
Real Estate Project Supermarket System STDA (under Cen Group)
Phân phối bất động sản tại Việt Nam
Ha Noi
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Century Real Estate Joint Stock Company – CENLAND was established on October 15, 2002, is one of 5 member companies under CENGROUP. CENLAND develops and focuses on two main areas: Real estate distribution and marketing; Secondary investment.

In 2012, STDA Real Estate Project Supermarket System (STDA) was officially launched, which is the largest real estate distribution model in the country and is present in all 3 regions: North, Central, and South. STDA is also the traditional sales channel of CENLAND with a strong staff.

In addition to the traditional sales channel with the STDA brand, CENLAND applies IoT technology on the website, the khemoigioi app to connect customers to access real estate products through the Mentor – Connector system, and has the ability to Manage inventory and make real-time online transactions. This is considered an inevitable trend of real estate transactions in the era of industrial revolution 4.0. The company’s khemoigioi application has 20,000 users and is known by many brokers and investors.

Products and services

– Distribution and marketing.

– Market research and marketing consulting.

– Real estate trading floor.

Modern facilities, quality products

– With more than 2,000m2 of floor space in Hanoi and more than 1,000m2 of floor space in Ho Chi Minh City, STDA has enough space to display dozens of projects in all segments

– Real estate projects distributed by STDA are products that are carefully screened for quality, progress and legality; reputable brand and investor with strong financial capacity.

– Real estate products displayed at STDA have clear listed prices, are consulted by staff and provide accurate price lists.


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