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Central Hospital of Dermatology Branding

Central Hospital of Dermatology is a leading hospital specialized in Dermatology
Central Hospital of Dermatology
Leading hospital specialized in Dermatology
Ha Noi
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Logo gudeline, Branding design

Identity design of the Central Dermatology Hospital

Project overview:

Central Hospital of Dermatology is a leading hospital specialized in Dermatology with the following functions: Researching disease patterns, methods of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of diseases in the field of Leprosy and leprosy. Dermatology, Staff training, medical examination, treatment and rehabilitation, Plastic surgery, Skin care, Line direction, International cooperation….

With the desire to rebuild a professional brand identity, modern image to affirm the No. 1 position in Vietnam and aim at No. 1 in Southeast Asia, the National Hospital of Dermatology has trusted to choose iBrand as the design partner.

iBrand Solution:

Immediately after receiving the invitation to cooperate, iBrand sat down with the hospital’s Board of Directors, visited the scale of functional departments, to grasp the requirements and offer a comprehensive and comprehensive design solution. .

iBrand has skillfully used stylized images from the layers of skin epidermis evenly winding like stacked waves, combining stylization from Collagen structure to create a feeling of softness that is always in motion. With this identification signal, iBrand has applied to all communication publications and identified, changed a completely new look for the Central Dermatology Hospital.


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