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DaiViet Beer Packaging

Beer Dai Viet products of Huong Sen Group
Operating in the fields of alcohol, beverage, real estate, textiles, packaging, hospitality business and investment in industrial parks.
Thai Binh
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Brand image strategy consulting, Logo design, Label packaging design

Packaging design for Dai Viet beer

Total project

Born in the rice countryside of Thai Binh since 1997, over the past 20 years, Dai Viet beer products of Huong Sen Group Joint Stock Company have affirmed a solid position in the beer – wine – beverage market, and have won the hearts of customers. very strange by the quality and special taste.

Dai Viet Beer has been awarded 15 gold medals, twice reaching the standard of strong brand, national super cup, famous competitive brand, famous Vietnamese brand, Golden Lotus Cup, Vietnam Gold Star award and many other noble rewards. The functional industries of Vietnam also rank Huong Sen Group as one of the leading enterprises in the country in the production and trading of beverages. Not only stable production and business, the revenue of the following year is higher than the previous year, for many consecutive years, Huong Sen Group also leads the province in fulfilling tax obligations to the state with an average payment of 500 – 700 billion VND. VND/year, the average daily contribution is about 2 billion VND. In production, Huong Sen Group pays special attention to environmental protection. It can be said that modern advanced technology, professionalism in producing each product with its own distinctive delicious taste and awareness of environmental protection are important factors that contribute to bringing the Dai Dai beer brand to life. Viet has achieved success in domestic and foreign markets as it is today.

iBrand’s solution

Right after receiving the project, iBrand directly visited the factory, sat down to work with the Group’s Board of Directors and especially Uncle Tran Van Sen – the chairman of the group, he wanted to put a special emphasis on the product. products of national pride, expressing the solidarity, attachment and love of the homeland of the Vietnamese people. Not only do I want Vietnamese people to remember the history of their ancestors when drinking Dai Viet beer, but I also want to promote the image of a country with people rich in patriotic traditions, national pride, and a land. resurgent and peace-loving country to many countries around the world through the introduction of Dai Viet beer brand to all five continents.

With a brand that has a certain foothold in the market, iBrand has invested in market research and similar products to come up with the most unique and impressive design solution. On the basis of inheriting from current designs, iBrand has cleverly built a brand story that introduces new and modern design cues while still retaining the soul of the product.


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