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Hanoi Tland is an ecological urban project consisting of a complex of amusement parks and entertainment areas combined with a high-class resort form, invested by Tuan Chau Hanoi Joint Stock Company (a member of Tuan Chau Group) as an investor. .
With a favorable geographical location, only about 10 to 15 minutes by car from the center of the capital, Hanoi Tland will be an ideal destination for city residents, as well as places to come here to relax, play, enjoy Enjoy your summer vacation fully and meaningfully.
In addition to Tland Water Park, Hanoi Tland also has an artificial saltwater sea, Tland Beach, 5000m2 wide, with a 1.5m high wave column for the first time in Vietnam.
Dolphin and marine life show with a capacity of 3000 people, Water puppetry show, Spa area with health care services.
Tland House School Farm, Landscape photography checkin area, coming to Hanoi Tland you will definitely have a completely different experience.
With the ideal size and tourism potential, Hanoi Tland is in need of a huge demand for personnel, along with attractive positions for dynamic candidates who want to challenge and explore.


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