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KCC PHO (Kiencancook)

Designing a chain of 67 KCC Pho restaurants
Food service, restaurant
Ha Noi
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Logo design, Brand identity design, Label packaging design

Chain of 67 fresh KCC Pho restaurants

KCC PHO is a chain of long-established branded pho systems, loved by many people. Rich pho flavor, sweet taste, chewy pho fiber, tender beef

Pho is a special gift of Hanoi, a famous Vietnamese writer – Thach Lam once wrote in the 1940s. “Pho is a special gift of Hanoi, not only Hanoi has it. , but that’s because it’s delicious only in Hanoi.” Good pho must be “classic” pho, cooked with beef, “clear and sweet broth, flexible but not crumbly cake, crispy but not chewy fatty meat, chili lemon with onion is enough”, “fresh herbs, Northern peppercorns, sharp drops of lime greens, and a little bit of ca cuong, as light as a doubt.”

Until today, Pho Viet still receives such compliments from diners near and far who have tasted it more than once. Pho is Hanoi’s specialty not because only Hanoians know how to cook pho, but because in Hanoi, the taste of pho is special and unique.

Pho is a typical traditional dish in Vietnamese cuisine, from sidewalk eateries, popular shops, in luxury restaurants and on street vendors. People eat pho as a breakfast dish or can also have lunch, dinner or dinner as an indispensable daily dish as well as a flavorful dish.


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