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Pavillon Hotel

Logo design for Pavillon Nha Trang Hotel
Pavillon Hotel
Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa
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Logo design, Brand identity design

Logo design for Pavillon Nha Trang

Project overview

Pavillon Boutique hotel and apartment is a brand chain located in the ecosystem of Nha Trang Watercraft Tourism Investment Co., Ltd. Designed as a magnificent castle, bearing the beauty of charming Indochinese style, combined with elegant decorative art, Pavillon Nha Trang is the only 5-star hotel with luxurious classical architecture. in the city center.

iBrand’s solution

Understanding the important role of logo design for hotels, iBrand quickly gave appropriate design orientation. Each line, color, image, on the logo tends to form the hotel. From there, customers will grasp the style and characteristics of the hotel. For Pavillion, it is the classic style with formal colors, or the trendy style associated with modern architecture, then the simplicity and simplicity of the style close to nature.


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